The name Orfeo means "beautiful song" and He was the son of Calliope,
one of the nine muses.

When He was very young, from Apollo, Orfeo got a Lyre and thanks to his musical skills He could amaze all the elements of nature and give joy and peaceful to the human soul.

Orfeo fell in love with Euridice, a beautiful and graceful nymph who loved him back.

They decided to celebrate finally their union but the day of the wedding, Euridice was kidnapped by the pastor Aristeo who felt in love with her too.

Luckily She was able to ran away but while She was running, a poisonous snake bit her.

Orfeo was desperate and with his lyre He was able to persuade and call the Gods of the underworld: Ade and Persefone.

The Gods decided to gave him just one chance.

Orfeo could save Euridice's soul but on one condition: Both of them didn't have to look to each other while they're going out of the underworld.

So Orfeo went down to the underworld and with Euridice's soul began to go outside, they were near the exit but the nymph's curiosity was too strong that She turned and looked directly to Orfeo's eyes.

That was the last thing that Euridice saw about Orfeo, because She was forced to stay in the underworld forever.

Orfeo who was destroyed and devasted by the pain, after what happened, decided to don't love any other woman after Euridice.

orfeo y erudice image
Orfeo and Euridice in the underworld.