yes i haven’t been active in forever, sorry
if you’re reading this, you are probably interested in becoming a beta reader for me. or, you’re interested in the fact that i’m desperate. either way, you’re in luck!

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what is a beta reader?

basically, i’m searching for someone to read my story (currently in the works!) and provide feedback. we’ll define that later. beta readers encourage the writer (me heh) and/or help edit the story (not necessarily).
if you're interested, read this for a feel of my writing skill; do keep in note that this story will have harder vocabulary and more serious writing (but in the same flow, kind of).

if you enjoyed this, keep reading. if you have constructive critique, especially keep reading on.

what are my requirements?

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of course, i have requirements. i’m not going to go super strict ‘show me your phd!’ on this, but preferably, these are met.

- has a decent reading skill (over middle school, ideally) and a fairly large vocabulary (example words: eloquent, epitome, superficial, infinitesimal— if you know these, you’re pretty good)
- decent at grammar: doesn’t need to be your specialty, but as long as you value basic english syntax rules and know the difference from there, their, and they’re easily, you’re good
- doesn’t mind occasional swearing, suggestive (very minuscule content is suggestive, if it escalates, i will notify beta readers) content, mature themes (mentions of drugs, minimal but still part of a backstory to the plot), homosexuality (yes, there will be gay content), and korean names and honorifics (no knowledge prior is needed of kpop or the korean culture; i will provide explanations if you ask, but there aren’t kpop or bts references you need to know)
- active!! at least once a week, but preferably daily/every other day. i understand schedules, of course, but i can’t have a beta reader suddenly disappear for two months. please, try to be active.
- respect the fact that THIS IS MY CONTENT. you have absolutely NO right to reproduce or repost WITH or WITHOUT credit to me— i will post this story on my own time. do not claim the story is yours. do not post at all to ANY platform. do not share with your friends, no matter if you have good or ill intentions.

- be respectful, kind and polite to me and to other readers. i’m not sure if anyone at all will choose to be a beta reader, but if multiple people join, be prepared. talk to me if you have any worries about this. i plan that my beta readers will get to know each other as friends before even reading my story.
- enjoy reading— no matter it be classic novels, romance novels, sci-fi or fanfiction.
- be able to provide not only feedback but insight on my story. you don’t need to be invested, however, you must be able to understand characters, plot, and be able to predict (whether correctly or incorrectly) with evidence. i don’t care if you predict that the antagonist is an octopus time-traveller from eris, as long as you have evidence (sometimes complains about two arms; surprised by modern-day gadgets, expecting something better; strange and random knowledge of space— that’s an example of evidence). i need you to be able to describe characters emotionally, rather than just physically, and infer about their character. also, i’m not asking for critique— some people are genuinely terrible at it, but it’d be ideal if you could, but if you can’t, you are still required to provide the feedback asked for above.
- be okay with FANFICTION. look, my story is a fanfiction. change names and it’s not a fanfiction, it could be a normal book. easy. do not be mean or slander anyone for reading fanfiction, enjoying fanfiction and/or writing fanfiction.

bold = REQUIRED. no exceptions unless you’re my whi moot :) preferably, you meet all of these expectations

and yes, this is long, but IMPORTANT.

about my story

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inspired color mood for my story

sigh, yes, this is a bts fanfiction. no knowledge of bts is needed- this is a parallel universe where bts does not exist. our main character is kim taehyung, a soloist under a.wings entertainment. after an unfortunate pre-debut disbandment of his previous band (no, not bts), he's reached stardom in south korea. cue jeon jeongguk, an upcoming reporter whom taehyung takes an interest in. facing ulterior motives everywhere, this story isn't solely about taehyung and jeongguk. park jimin is patiently working toward his debut, taehyung's manager is trying to do her job but taehyung is making it hard, and where does their ceo even fall in this?

pairings: taehyung x jeongguk, taehyung x jimin (later on hehe), potential jeongguk x jimin, i don't even ship taekook what i am doing

genres: celebrity/idol! au, definite sci-fi/futuristic themes (kinda dystopian?) later on, romance (but it's not the soul purpose of the story), maybe humour? this is definitely not super serious but not solely comedic

warnings: are in the requirements above. there's pov switches, but the entire story is in third-person (i.e., taehyung thought this, he said this, a section later, jeongguk did this, thought this).

bts, taehyung, and v image
story inspired by this photo <3

if you meet requirements and are interested in my story, click the link: https://discord.gg/r9y2cZJ
this is a link to a discord group chat i’ve created which anyone can join. you may have to create an account (pretty easy) but this is the only way to become a beta reader. i hope to see you there!
keep in mind that i am a growing writer, and have flaws like anyone else. please do not be condescending toward me or anyone else. such behaviour will not be tolerated in the chat.

80s, 90s, and backstage image
kim taehyung was flocked by a herd of reporters, all pushing and shoving to get their question answered by the celebrity. they desperately pursued the man, moving like a school of anchoveta being pursued by a dolphin called clout. the flashes of cameras somewhat resembled the reflection of light on kim taehyung’s diamond-studded ensemble, topped off by a clunky necklace that was pulled off elegantly by the gallant man. he was the golden-haired adonis of the modern world whose body and flair was often compared to that of a greek statue. he was the epitome of aesthetic beauty.

(...it's the first paragraph. yeah, just a character intro, but expect the writing style to be like this.)

or, if you want a cool description hook:

"do i really love him? nah, not really."
in which the question hurts more than the answer itself.
"no, i won’t be your fucking social experiment."
in which the question has two answers.

thanks for reading, loves. i truly hope you consider this, even as an experience for fun.