Hey hearters,

For my first article ever I wanted to do something what I really like as the first topic.
So I ended up writing about my fav book series ever:
To all the boys I've Loved before
P.S I still love you
Always and forever, Lars Jean

But first I wanted to excuse myself for my english skills but don't judge me haha. Also there might be some spoilers for those who never heard of TATBILB :)

As I first saw the movie I was in love with the characters and the storyline and I caught myself on binge watching Noah Centineo and covinsky videos on YouTube (the" I like me better" one is the best!)
Then, one day I recognized that there are two other books of this amazing story and I read them in two days and I was in love again. I read them over twelve times (I swear they are SO GOOD!!) then I bought the first one and I am reading it for the fifteenth time rn.
You might get it, I LOVE the books.

But If you are here because you wanted to know if the book is good, I want to give you an answer:

It's the best book I've ever read. It makes you so happy and it's the perfect book to sleep with a smile after you read it. It makes you feel comfortable.If you want to read a book with a little drama, high school things and teenage love, you are completely right.

Now about the characters:

Lara Jean Song Covey:
I think every girl is a little bit Lara Jean,
for me personally it's this:
I bake to run away from my problems.
And I love these I know I can never get.
She wants everybody to like her, specificly other peoples moms haha.

On to:
Peter Kavinsky:
(Short mention: Isn't Peter Kavinsky the CUTEST BOYFRIEND??) In the books he is so sweet to Lara Jean and her family...I know, he might look conceited and judging in the beginning, but he is very sensitive and good hearted.

That's it for the first part of my TATBILB SERIES.
If you got here, congratulations, you are really interested in the books haha. Thank u for taking the time to read my very first article!
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