We all can give a different answer to that. Such a small word with such an enormous meaning and depth. And it really is deep, very deep. It's like you are trying to reach a treasure from the farest parts of your soul and bring it on your canvas. Most of the times it comes from the pain you cannot escape. But those moments that you sit on your chair and let your hand do miracles controlled by the unknown is when you realize you are not alone. There is something, somebody there. You forget what is going on around you, all the problems you have to deal with...they can wait. Sure they can. An imaginary friend maybe? I don't know. It's weird and scary. And it feels sooo f*$king good to be in that kind of situation, in that kind of loneliness, in that pain.. The thing is that you can't let it go once you reach your hand to it, to him, to her. It's a constant state, the more you want to free yourself the more you end up creating the best of the best masterpieces. The bigger the pain the better, kinda torture. Even if you give up on it because it destroys you, it's certain you will get back to it. Waking up in the middle of the night just for that. You don't care because it gives you life by killing you! God it's such a mess, a beautiful mess, an essential mess. "Art is the maneuver of happiness just to live a little bit comfortably disconsolated" I don't remember who said that but it's accurate. How the heck something gives so much joy driven through by so much sadness is really remarkable! It's worth it tho..isn't it?

katerina xxx