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hi everyone! In this article I wrote about my morning routine for July. Today (July 30th) is actually pretty cold for being July (16 Celsius), but I like it haha.. I don´t have any plans for today, besides buying cat food & watering my plants, so I really don´t mind the colder weather
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My cat woke me up at 8.30
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I opened my curtains and moved my tired body into my bathroom. I slept with a shower cap on because I had coconut oil in my hair during the night (easy hair tip for moisture & shine. But don´t forget to wash your hair twice to get the oil out, especially the roots). I took a shower & washed my hair
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Then I washed my face and applied moisturizer. I dried my body of with a towel, got back in to my room and put on some clothes
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I went downstairs to make myself some breakfast. As always I made some seedmeal, which is like oatmeal but with different types of seeds instead of oats, I mix it with water and cook on the stove for about 3 minutes. I put one tablespoon of wheatgrass in and added some blueberries´s & raspberry´s to it. I just drank a glass of water with it
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I sat at our kitchen table and read the local newspaper while eating breakfast
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I didn´t know if I wanted something warm or cold to drink, so I made myself a cup of ginger tea and an ice coffee. Then I sat in my bed drinking hot & cold drinks, listening to my slow songs playlist on Spotify & started this article
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After I had finished my drinks and the song I was currently listening to had ended, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth & put on lip balm
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I just hang up some laundry that wasn´t 100% dry on the balcony. Now I´m sitting in my bed with my cat right next to me. After publishing this article I´m gonna go downstairs to eat some sushi I bought at the grocery store yesterday
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I really hope you liked reading this article because I really enjoyed writing it. I´m thinking I should do an autumn morning routine, then a winter one etc.. But this is my summer edition. All love to you hearters, until next time.. <3