1. Winter is better than summer

Most people like summer more than Winter and I can't understand it. Winter is way more fun: It's snowing, you can just lay down under blanket, wear cozy hoodies and drink hot tea. Summer is exosting, you're hot the whole time, you're sweating and even tshirts are too warm.

2. Ariana Grande isn't that cute and beautiful

Like okay, she's talented and completely deserves recognizance that she have now, but come on! Calling her the most beautiful women in the world is just overreacting. Don't get me wrong, she's cute and all, but definitely not the cutest. There are so many other girls that are more cute and beautiful like Camila Cabello, Anne Leigh, Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid or Rihannah

3. Being different and original is fun

I really enjoy being different. People are scared of being judged by others but I honestly don't care. If judging me is making them feel better about themselves, why not? I like when people are looking at me in public, talking about me and noticing me in the crowd.I just simply like being characteristic. You know that feeling when you meet a group of new people? Everyone looks the same, it takes some time to tell them apart. But mine blue hair, different outfit and piercings make me stand out of this crowd

4. Shawn Mendes and Noah Centineo aren't that attractive

It's same thing like with Ariana Grande. They're really handsome and talented people, I honestly am a big fan of both of them, but this hype is just too much. There are so many better looking people, like Manu Rios or Jacks

5. Cinderella movies are actually pretty good

Either "If the shoe fits", "cinderella story", "another cinderella story" and other cinderella based movies just have this thing. I watch them on repeat. Maybe they're not the best hollywood productins, but they're still good

6. Why Don't We is underrated

These boys are just magnificent! I can listen to their songs all day long and still won't be bored. Their songs are both about serious things (like Don't change) and just "typical" ones (like Unbelievable). All of them are so talented, they work hard and deserve way more. Every song they release is just perfect. I'm sorry, I think I'm addicted

7. Apple isn't trash

I know for some people this might me a shook, but sometimes people buy apple just because they like it, not to be cool. Like I do. IOS is just better than android. Iphones are more functional and simple to use.

8. Spiders are cute

Like can we just have a second and look at those cuties? Okay, the small ones are actually disgusting but those bigger ones? Like Black Widow... and tarantula

9. Big glasses aren't cute

Like... What? Those things just can't be cute. They're like torture: uncomfortable and annoying. I can't understand why people doing this to themselves and wearing them even though they don't need to. And those super big ones? Especially those ones that look like your old grandfathers. It's just ugly
I mean, some can be cute (like those down there), but they're still a torture

10. BTS and Game Of Thrones are just BORING!

I feel like here I have to say that those are JUST MINE OPINIONS. Please don't kill me.
I have no idea how people go through all 8 seasons of GoT. I've watched some episodes with my friends and I just... Fell asleep.
I also listened to some BTS songs because of my friends and OMG! They're not catchy at all. Blackpink is way better.

PS: Is there anyone who can tell me how to add a photo to the article?