Hey beauties, welcome to another article! Today, I’m going to be giving you some photoshoot ideas.
With summer here, it’s easier to take amazing photos because the lightings great, and because of the holidays, we all have time to explore new places!
Anyway, enjoy the article!

☀️ At the beach

aesthetic, hair, and indie image summer, beach, and bikini image

I mean, it is summer! Beach photos are kind of basic, and absolutely stunning; you can play around with the ocean, sand, rock pools...whatever takes your liking!

☀️ At a festival/fair

Image by ⋆ Image removed

☀️ At a restaurant or cafe

fashion, girl, and style image beauty, cafe, and dinner image

☀️ With a famous monument

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If you’re travelling, see if you can find any famous buildings or areas near you! For example, the Eiffel Tower.

☀️ Playing with animals

nature, praia, and sun image dog, girl, and animal image

☀️ With friends

girl, friends, and summer image girl, summer, and bikini image

There are so many options for this! You can be in a group or have just two of you, and you can of course choose whatever location you like.

☀️ On a road

Image removed Temporarily removed

Make sure it’s safe!!!

☀️ With a window

paris, girl, and bath image girl, sunset, and sky image

These photos are so stunning, and I’d really like to re create one someday

☀️ Doing a hobby

dance image bike, girl, and photography image

Do whatever makes you happy, and take a snap while doing it!

☀️ In the pool

tropical, summer, and travel image relax, water, and girl image

☀️ In a tree/ climbing a tree

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

☀️ With flowers

fashion, chic, and photography image aesthetic, flowers, and pink image

I especially love these photos! They look gorgeous and are super easy to take.

☀️ At a party

alissa violet, girl, and pink image friends, dress, and balloons image

Make the most of those neon lights and fun party vibes! This is also a great time to take photos with friends.

☀️ In a field..wheat or flowers!

flowers, yellow, and photography image fashion, girl, and flowers image

☀️ With a mirror...(aka your classic mirror selfie :)

girl, friends, and friendship image hair, home, and jewelry image

You can be basic or artsy, it’s really your choice!

☀️ On a balcony

balcony, city, and lifestyle image girl, summer, and fashion image

☀️ On a bridge

girl, travel, and nature image Temporarily removed

Thank you guys for reading this article! Hopefully you found some inspiration and now have some really cool ideas!
I tried to find photos that represented each idea well, so you could even try to re-create some of these pictures!
I have an article on theme ideas, so if you’d like to read that, here you are:

Have a lovely day!

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