At present, many investigative reporters are working regarding about the schools and their education system as like this Toronto star series started by the Robert Clive and Jennifer Yang investigative reporters. These two reporters have created a sensation just by conveying the strong fact impression that the private schools inflate the student marks and even some of the private school in Toronto having good records. The second popular thing why the private schools provide the best results is that it was gripping the undercover story just by highlighting the perennial problem of the VISA schools that operates beyond the scrutiny and regulations of the Ontario ministry education system. Since from 2009 the Toronto star magazine has reported that the Ontario ministry of education has received the dozens of complaints from the people and students about the “private schools”.
The Toronto private school most blatant example of the practice, common in both private and public education, for the most part of the education guarantees you touched up mark and credit. New stories like the Toronto star series have attempted to blacken the reputation of the private school fly-by-night. Students who attend the private high school tend to perform the significantly better on the international achievement tests, so that many parents prefer to select the private schools for their kids and you can get help through

Based on the report says, the private schools having better improvement in student’s education system. The private elementary school education gives performance edge based on the three factors like greater teacher autonomy in deciding curriculum, competitive school environment and allocating resources and the ability to attract the higher performing socially students.
The recent studies reports are taken from 1180 schools based on recent and current literature, international and national surveys, questions and students tests. Thus the result breakdown a true fact many of private schools are on religious basis. On further, there is no evidence to show why private school system has high performance level.
The percentage of the private school in Richmond Hill is running in the effective way where the high school students gets more experience and the education system provided in the high school gives you more benefit. The study of the private school education reading results compared to private and public schools and across the wide range of the countries. The study of reading results compared to the public and private schools across the range of the countries in four key criteria shortage in supply of teachers, socio-cultural economic status and material resources for the instruction. The Private middle school contains the different education system where the education process is found to be unique one and they also provide the good quality of education for their students and help them to improve their knowledge. These private schools follow their own standards of education but their main motive is to provide the high quality of education to the students comparing to the public schools.