So today I write the twelfth day of the 30 days writing challange from the we heart it Editor´s Team.

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Let´s just start!

Write About something you regret.

I actually do things that I regret every day and there are probably worse things that I regret but I don't remember them right now. That' s why I tell you the current thing that I regret. It happened yesterday. Which is why i could use your advice later.So yesterday I was shopping with a friend. Then we went to a supermarket because we were thirsty. The supermarket is inside the shopping center, which is why across from the supermarket a store is. When we came out I drank my water and then I saw the employee of the opposite store and almost choked by the water. He looked so good...

beard, car, and face image boy, curly hair, and rebeů image cody christian, teen wolf, and boy image dilan cicek deniz, ️️️️turkiye, and dilan deniz image
he looked like a mixed Version of them and I look like the Girl(i dont think so but my Friends say it all the time and even everyone)

_He also saw me, we looked at each other. You know what I did then??? I behaved like a child. I sat down on the bench with my friend and couldn't even look him in the eyes. My girlfriend said all the time then he looks at you,he smiled at you, look him in the eyes! I am such a person i can' t do that. Flirting is nothing for me. We sat there for an hour . And he only looked at me I looked up from time to time and. Then we moved up a stair and watched him from the top. His friend saw us and told him. Then he left and I thought to myself where did you go. He changed his clothes and went to the supermarket. Of course we went there because my girlfriend wanted it that way.

Then we were inside and his friend noticed us. They certainly thought we were stalkers...... Then I wanted to get out. They were felt half an hour inside there my girlfriend thought they were looking for me. Which could be. We then returned upstairs and waited on the escalator. They finally went out and then walked backwards. I don't know if they saw us. I then walked backwards from above to see where they were going. His friend wasn't there anymore and he looked around. I thought for a moment he was looking for me and went down too. and then I couldn't find him. I noticed that there's another escalator in the back which leads to the top. I remembered that he must have felt bothered and then took the other stairs. But why did he look at me then and smiled at me all the time and why did it then come to me as if he had looked after me? I regret that and that i didn't talk to him. We only live once and even if i get a no i will never see him again! so my advice: Dare you and be not me we live only once._

Sorry if i wrote something incomprehensible. Do you know how to talk to a stranger ? I don't want him to think that i'm one of the nasty ones.

Okay that´s it ! I hope you like it !

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