it's 12pm and i'm too tired to write abt important stuff so i'll just write this article instead, bear w/ me :)

- blue orangeade.

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- complementary colours that seem complete opposites -
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-i t seems like just as if we’re blue orangeade -


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.there's a horn rising up on my head.
.but i love it.
.you become my crown.

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- our summer.

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- what’s unfolded in front of my eyes is the milky light of the galaxy-
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- the flowered golden season, like our summer -
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- wherever we are, whatever season it is, if we’re together, feel like summer -

- cat & dog.

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when i'm with u i become a puppy.

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i don't wanna be just friends, can i be your pet?

- nap of a star. (my fav)

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i can see, even if you’re not in front of me.
i feel you, even if you don’t say a word.
a sun-setting evening, and a darkened night sky, both have my heart full of you.

hope u liked this quick article.
take care, love you <3

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