yoo sup? may peace always be upon yall
dude idk why i write this ,thas why i named this shit.im sneakin out rn tbh.i was studying at the strictest boarding school,that forbid phone,socmed,and the permission to just go out its so fuckin hard,like we have to through hell first if we want,which its a manager office kinda stuff, that full of killer teachers that would ask a bunch of reason why we wanna go out.If its make sense,we luckily get permission.I know its extra care for us,but i know thas good for our mental and knowledge to learn to stay strong and independent.Plus we separated with guys.perfect.

ik nobody would read this shits lol,but anyway this is shits so yea

and idk why, now i rlly miss my phone, my friends there lol,but i cant do it in here,pc.lol.i need to come back now tbh.i gtg now or ill die cuz someone would search me and my fiend here lol.if im not good at sneakin id get a bhiuge punishment,like rlly huge lol i luv this things.
im at the pcrentall place kinda stuff,close to my school.
ok im writing shits rn,but idc.

omg dude i miss him,ik hes a fuckin stupid perv but i rlly love messed w him,lol.but im not into him at all
ive never fallen from quiet this high.lol

ikno im bad,but sometime.
i miss my friend omg,theyre all abroad tho.thas why.
i luv doibng penpaling shits btw,

dude dont read this shits please ok.like dont.lol
i luv god,i my mom, i luv billieeilish.lol

lil quote from her

the smile that u gave me even when y felt like dying.

id make a better article, i bet.
not like this shits..next when im home.
bye id back to school again,wish i dont get caught or punishment

anyway bye,luv yall already ;)
im not a native,btw