Ageing is a natural process. But the irony is…nobody wants to get aged or atleast look aged. The new mantra in anti-ageing treatments is “Age youthfully”. The paradigm shift in antiageing treatments is by non-surgical methods. Since surgical methods have its own disadvantage and patients also have a stigma when the word surgery is uttered and has poor response from the patients.

Non-surgical methods of antiageing are generally done at chair side and patients are fully aware of the procedure when it is performed. The procedures are having comparatively less complications and they can be reversed in a due course.

Non-surgical antiageing treatments have wide patient acceptance and have instant results in many a situations. The most common non-surgical procedures for antiageing, performed at our center, Sri Ramana Dentofacial care, are, Botox injections, a purified botulinum toxin A, and dermal fillers for correction of facial wrinkles.

We commonly treat wrinkles over forehead, crow’s feet, frown lines, nasolabial grooves, tear trough correction, cheek augmentation, chin augmentation, lip enhancement, philtrum correction, and jaw pain due to excessive muscle pull. We are expertise in correction of massetric hypertrophy by surgical and non-surgical methods.

Face sculpting is a newer dimension in antiageing treatment. In face sculpting we chisel out the excessive bone and augment the bone where it is required, and combine it with botulinum injections and dermal fillers, to create a youthful face. It requires a detailed planning with the help of clinical and radiographic assessment of the patient. Visit us to have a better understanding about the individual treatment options.