Hello guys โ™ฅ

much time has passed since my last article... but this morning I felt very inspired. So now I'm here with a book recommendation ๐Ÿ“–๐Ÿ’™

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I've been reading a lot lately, on one hand for university purposes (as I am writing my final dissertation) and on the other hand just as a hobby, in my free time.
I'm usually into British literature classics, such as Emily and Charlotte Brontรซ, Charles Dickens and Joseph Conrad. But this time a wanted a bit of a change and I wanted to challenge myself to read something new. So I was like: "You know what, I'm gonna look up the titles / authors of the last Nobel Prize for Literature, because if they won this price they must be good and worthy".

Never had I ever made a better decision! As the 2019 cerimony will be held next October, the 2018 prize was not assigned due to schandals inside the Academy, I started with a book by the 2017 Literature Nobel Prize Winner: Ishguro Kazuo.

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I went to my local library and the first of his books I bumped into was A pale view of hills, which was translated in Italian Un pallido rizzonte di colline. I have to say I really enjoyed it, even it is something completely different from what I usually read!


The main character is Etsuko, a Japanese widow who lives in England. It would be high time she stopped thinking about her difficult and sorrowful present condition in order to to look for the meaning of life in something of her past. She is obsessed with the suicide of her eldest daughter Keiko, but her thoughts keep also going back to Nagasaki, the city she lived in right after World War II. In that desolated city, whose inhabitants were living difficult and tough post-war lives, she experienced her first pregnancy. In this journey back in her life, Etsuko also narrates the story of Sachiko, a friend of hers, and of her tormented (and creepy in my opionion) daughter. In Nagasaki Sachiko was living a very complicated love story with an American man, while her daughter was haunted by some very traumatic war memories.

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Although the story is not one of the happiest I've ever read, what I liked most was the way it is told. Indeed, the narration switches continously from present events to the time when Etsuko was about to become a mum and was still living in Japan.
Thanks to this book I have also learnt some aspects of the Japanese culture and history I didn't know before!
The book is not very long (about 180 pages) and I read it in very little time because it was a real page-turner.
This is why I really recommend it โ˜บ

I hope you guys enjoyed this article and that I've made you a little curious to give this book a try.

See you soon
- Elena