Hi guys! In this article I´m gonna share my ideas for how I would design and decorate my dream home! I took 2 days for me to write this so I really hope you like it <3

my hallway

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I want my hallway to feel big and open. White walls, wooden furniture, earthy colors with a few more colorful details

my kitchen

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I want to have wooden furniture, a lot of flowers & plants and really cute & unique porcelain

my creative room

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I need my creative space to be a little messier than the rest of my home. It doesn´t matter if there are pencils or some color stains. I don´t get inspired by a clean neat room

my bathroom

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In want to have a big bathroom. So I have place for a shower, a small sauna and a big bathtub, with a beautiful view over the garden

my bedroom

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I want my bedroom to have a vintage, country-style vibe. Flowers, a lot of pillows. Curtains that move in the wind from an open window, blankets to cuddle under

my living room

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I want my living room to be a place where people want to hang out. I also want the royal feeling to my living room. Blue, red, white and gold should be the main colors of my living room. And a fireplace is a must!

my children´s room

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A cosy room with many opportunities to be creative and play

my guest bathroom

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My guest bathroom has white walls, a big shower, hand soap in the smell of rosemary and white towels to borrow

my guest bedroom

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Being a good host is really important to me. I want people to stay over at my place. The guest room has white or light grey walls, a little sofa in the corner, a red rug on the floor and photographs taken by me or my family to decorate the walls

my backyard

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I must have a big backyard where I can host dinner partys for all of my friends & my family. A lot of flowers and green spaces is important. I also would like to have a green/glass house in my backyard

thank you for reading, hope u liked it! take care hearters, all love, until next time <3

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don´t forget to smile today