Hey everyone! My name is Hodan, I'm a fourth year in obtaining my bachelors studying International Relations and Diplomacy.


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I usually for larger handbags/side bags that can fit my laptop, books and other essentials. I currently use a cremé Anne Klein bag that does the job!


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I use my Mac Book Air for literally almost everything! My notes, course outlines review work and other school related documents are on my laptop so it's essential for my education lol.

Other electronics

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I currently have an iPhone Xs Max and a Samsung tablet that I use on a day to day basis alongside my laptop. I carry those with their respective chargers and my AirPods for the library. (currently can't find my AirPods case so pray for me)

Notebook and Planner

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I carry one notebook, usually just in case I forget to bring my laptop charger and also in case I have do some hands- on group work which requires paper and pen.My manner s mainly to remind me to do things on time because I procrastinate ( a lot) and need to ensure I get things done on time.


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Nothing too crazy here, I usually carry water in my reusable water bottle and a filling snack because BOY OH BOY those prices on campus for the most basic of foods is insane!

Essentials bag

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Lip balm (can't go anywhere without that), lotions mini spray and gum is tucked in a smaller bag that I make sure to take with me to uni and anywhere to be honest, because you never know when you need it!

Thank you for reading my first ever article! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it and hopefully you'll check out my articles to come!

XOXO, hodané.