Day 8: List something you struggle with

1. Loving myself

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I've been struggling to love myself and accept myself for who I am. Sometimes, I will look in the mirror and just stare at my own body, judging myself silently. But lately, I've been trying so hard not to say negative things to myself, and to my body, it works a little bit for now. Although, sometimes I still don't like about how I look but I'll keep working on it until I love myself.

2. Be confident

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I guess this is related with the first point. I need to love myself first in order to become confident and also comfortable with my own body.

3. Trust someone

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I have trust issues. I don't trust someone that easily. Even my friends that I've been friends with for almost 6 years now, sometimes I don't tell everything to them. I'm really struggling to trust someone, I feel bad for my boyfriend because sometimes when we fight about something, it's mostly because I don't trust what he said even though what he said might be true but I just don't see the reason why I have to trust him. I've been telling myself to trust him. And it's been a week so far and I managed not to pick a fight with him (so proud of myself).

So these are my struggles. When I started to realized about this, I've been trying so hard to make a better version of myself.

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