No matter where you are, this is the time to let go of all your worries for a minute and soak up some sun!

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If by any chance you don’t know what to pack to travel in style and utter comfort; here are my favorite travel essentials that one can always find in my carry on:

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First I pack all my tech-related stuff so that I do not end up forgetting something important. When I’m on the plane I usually listen to podcasts or music on my iPod with my earpods. I get super excited and even create a playlist of my favorite summer songs to make sure that I make the most of my flight instead of sitting down waiting for hours to pass until we land. I bring my charger and a power bank so I don’t have to worry about my battery life.

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Inside my carry on you’ll obviously find my phone, my wallet and maybe a little snack like a breakfast bar. I like to keep all the required travel documents in my reach, too. I find it very practical to bring a pen since often you get asked to fill in forms in the airport. And of course my sunglasses!

A travel size body mist always comes in handy especially when I’m “on the road” for a long time. Plus it is security approved!

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I keep a makeup bag inside my carry on, too. It contains a few things that are purely essential for me to keep within my reach while traveling from one place to another especially on long flights: * moisturizing face mist* and lip balm to keep my face and lips hydrated, coconut water makeup remover wipes to quickly and precisely get rid of any unwanted/oily makeup after the many hours of driving to and waiting in the airport, lots of plain hair ties and pins, my favourite nude lipstick and a mini nude eye palette to fix my makeup once we land. And I always keep some form of hand sanitizer or hand wash as well.

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This summer I’m traveling to Santorini.
Santorini is truly one of the most beautiful and romantic islands of Greece. Mostly known for its white buildings and crystal clear beaches.

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Whether it’d be wandering around the cobbled roads, taking in the magnificent view of the sunset, or swimming all your worries away in Perissa beach or visiting the archeological site of Akrotiri or even dancing till sunrise in a beach club one sure can get a taste of the Cycladic way of life (and a taste of the Mediterranean Greek cuisine as well).

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For clothes, I try to bring more one-piece outfits and then lots of accessories to save space. Also, I tend to plan my outfits beforehand so that I can carry just the amount of clothes and shoes I will actually wear. That way I spare myself the discomfort of carrying around a dozen suitcases and bringing tons of outfits that I’m not actually going to unpack. I make sure to pack clothes suitable for the hot days and breezy nights.

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And as for shoes I bring two or three pairs of sneakers for hiking/exploring the island and few pairs of mules/low heel sandals for evening strolls and dinners.

And then there are all my swimsuits and accessories to pack.

A few of my favorites this summer would be a classic plain black one-piece like the “Les Essentiels Aquarelle swimsuit” by Eres (220€), a straw hat and gold hoop earrings.

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And of course I pack my beach tote where I keep two or three spare bikinis, sunscreen for the face and the body, after-sun oil for a touch of hydration and glow, a towel and a hair clip because I always manage to get my wet beach hair all tangled up and falling into my face (which is definitely not something I enjoy)!

Πολλά Φιλιά! (Kisses! Bye!)

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Stay beautiful and enjoy summer!
Till next time,

- Sunset S.

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