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Anyways onto the movie review! Which is the ever so classic Romeo and Juliet (1963) This movie was based in Italy filming in various locations throughout the southern European country. This film was directed by Franco Zeffirelli and produced by John Brabourne with Anthony Havelock-Allan. The main actors of Romeo and Juliet were Olivia Hussey (Juliet) and Leonard Whiting (Romeo). There are countless reasons why I love this version so much, from its chemistry between the two leading actors, to how they portray the Shakespearean culture and its olden day fashion outfits.


Ahhh fashion! The fashion in this movie was spot on. They portrayed the olden days of the middle ages. The costumes were magnificent, with Romeo wearing tights and seemingly uncomfortable outfits though he still fit quite well into the outfits. The mask of Romeo’s fitted his face structure quite well and even though it is quite obvious that underneath the mask it is Romeo. He was able to show his facial expressions through the mask. Juliet’s fashion was quite splendid, her outfit at the ball was still decorative but simple, her hair tied back into a braid with a little hat on top she looked very cute and innocent but still pulled off that elegancy. Throughout the film she wore very simple outfits that she was still able to pull off quite well, there was a beautiful red outfit at the ball, then there was her lavender outfit which is what she wore for her marriage to Romeo and lastly her white robe she wears to bed which you see on the infamous balcony scene.

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The storyline for Romeo and Juliet is the same and we all should know what it is. For those of you that don’t know the plotline for Romeo and Juliet, I will explain it to you, though quite briefly. Romeo a son of the Montague house, an only child and in the beginning is in love with Rosaline (Juliet’s Cousin) until he sees Juliet at a ball and falls in love with her instead. Juliet a daughter of the Capulet house, young and quite innocent and meets Romeo for the first time at the ball and falls in love with him. Two houses who have been against each other for so long now the children had fallen in love with each other, though their kinsmen had a fighting duel and both end up dead due to Romeo killing the Capulet’s kinsmen out of justice for his friend Mercurio. So to his punishment is then exiled out of the city and if he returns he will be sentenced to death. On this note, he sneaks into Juliet’s chamber as they are married and spends the night there before he leaves for exile. In Juliet's depression for Romeo to have gone and be exiled, she asks for a priest for help and gives her a special potion that makes it look like she is dead when it only sends her into a long nap. With this, she drinks the potion and makes her family seem that she had killed herself and has her body sent into the tombs. The priest sends a messenger to tell Romeo about the plan of Juliet though the messenger does not reach on time though Romeo’s servant has heard the news about Juliet’s death and rushes to her tomb. When he arrives he sees her “lifeless” body and drinks poison before kissing and then dying, Juliet then wakes up and sees that Romeo has killed himself with poison. Grieving about this she takes his dagger and kills herself as well, finally, both families arrive at the tomb and see both of their children’s lifeless bodies. With this, both families put their arguments aside and live in peace while they grieve for their children.

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The acting between Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey was very endearing and beautiful to watch. While watching the movie I was able to feel the chemistry between them throughout the movie, it moved my heart like no other Romeo and Juliet film. The dramatic acting Olivia had portrayed was outstanding, you were able to feel how she felt about her disastrous situation. She outdid herself for the role of Juliet, she acted as the sweet girl Juliet is, you could see the heart eyes she had for Romeo and possibly Leonard Whiting himself but could you blame her? He was the man of his day. His acting was quite splendid as well, the way he portrayed as Romeo was done perfectly. He acted as the curious and head over heels in love with Juliet or even just Olivia Hussey herself. His love for Juliet was well expressed through the Shakespearean words he spoke. Which may I add they spoke the Shakespearean language so well, they expressed how they felt when speaking in the language and even if you can’t understand the Shakespearean language you will still be able to understand it through their expression and actions.

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Moreover, I find this to be the best version of Romeo and Juliet as it really shows and portrays the Shakespearean story quite well. As this would be the perfect movie t watch if you are to study Romeo and Juliet. The actors' chemistry was to die for as you felt their love for each other throughout the whole film and how intense it was. The fashion was done quite remarkably, it gives the picture of what outfits they would’ve worn in the Shakespearean time.

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