New year revolution is something we all make to make things right in the future year and we do this by adding small changes to our daily life routine.

Commonly, we write down all the things we want and don't want in our life. They are always challenging. Many among us drop it before they could give it a try and very few give up because they couldn't see the end of the road.

Importantly we should know why do we want to adopt a new change? or why it is important for our life? If we keep these questions in our mind it will help us a little to have that strength which we lose often burn up so we could stay motivated.

Here are a few tips which will help you keep going.

  • Make a note on what are the new habits you want to adopt and how it can be. For example, you want to stay healthy and lose weight to look more confident or beautiful. Now, search how can you stay healthy? What I mean is, you should have your goal and how you will achieve that goal should be written together and why do you want to be a success. To keeps you motivated.
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  • One habit at a time. Give yourself at least a month or a set a timeline to complete your task. Don't force yourself. Take baby steps. Adopting new habits is a big challenge.
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  • Make sure to adopt a new habit buy not losing the old one. Set a reward after completing your task. Share your achievements with people.
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  • Don't try to be perfect. If it's taking the time or the result too slow. Don't leave out in the middle and walk away. Be patient.


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This article was written by @zenabrehman on the We Heart It Writers Team.