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When he saw me, it was like he was looking straight into an old memory and he said he remembered me when I used to spend my family summers here.
I was lost and desperate, trying to sell my father's old beach house. I should have been married by then but things went differently between my fiance and my best friend...
The sun was hitting hard, creating water mirages on the old dingy concrete. I was there to cure my broken heart, but I got an empty house instead and rusty memories from a lifetime ago.
The heath was burdening each breath and the cicadas were screaming restless as I decided to look for some help and some tools in the little port nearby.
And I found him there, in the boat garage, cleaning his hands with an oily rag, between torn engines and the bittersweet smell of gasoline and seaweed.
He had a baby boy smile and a chipped tooth on the left from when I'm looking. And he said he knew me, since we were children, swimming through these exact waves.
How could he remember me? I wouldn't have remembered me.
- what about Phosphenes? -
- the sparkling stars and colors you see when you rub your eyes- the words slipped through my mouth right from the back of my mind.
And he smiled with his smile, soft like summer days. And suddenly flashes ran through my eyes, salty memories of orange sunsets, collecting shells with a baby boy in the noise of cicadas.
And a boat named Seahorse when his tooth became chipped, on the left from where I'm looking.
- I survived the time right where you left me- he laughed.
He was sunny mornings and the fresh ocean breeze, bright smiles and laughter. He was like playing fetch with your dog, being unafraid of the road ahead and pillow fights like little children.
He helped me fix the house, keep telling me to keep it and never sell it. He told me he liked me so much back then, even though we were just little kids cutting our knees on reefs. And he teased me, telling me I was making his heart race when calling on the phone or mindlessly holding his hand.
He helped me so much with the house and he made me scream his name that one last night.
He was the feeling of Christmas morning and the top of a roller coaster and honey and the light I chased when I thought I was surrounded by darkness.
But I was more like kicking up stones on a desert beach, sarcasm and holding grudges and the sound of crunching paper.
I would have poisoned him, that's what I was telling my tears while I was driving away at dawn, just dragged him down deep, into a ghost love.

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- Lana Del Rey - God Knows I Tried
- Panic! At The Disco - The Calendar
- Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) Hippie Sabotage Remix
- Halsey - Sorry

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