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As part of the We Heart It Writer’s Team, I have been chosen to write about where I'm from and get to know me and my background more personally!

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Welcome to Southern Alberta!

Alberta consists of many different living environments such as the prairies, mountains, grasslands, lakes, rivers, and beautiful big cities to explore.

If you have never been to Alberta, you will also find that agriculture is the roots of our province and also provides many people worldwide with food to eat.

Alberta is also known for various sports, such as rodeo, hockey, and curling. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a good time!

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My Hometown

My hometown consists of under 400 people with a school k-12 under 100 students, but we are still thriving! We are a very agriculture and sports tied community in some of my favorite sports being volleyball, curling, and badminton.

In my school, I am the next coming graduation class and I am so excited! Our graduations are very personal and decorated to a theme that we all pick. Definitely, a night to remember!

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● Rocky Mountains
Several mountain attractions such as Waterton Lakes National Park, Jasper, Banff and Lake Louise

● Calgary Stampede
If you have not seen this on television, you are missing out! It is the greatest outdoor show on Earth full of rollercoasters, scorpion pizza, stranger things fun fair, mechanical bulls, and of course the rodeo!

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● Royal Tyrrell Dinosaur Museum
Love dinosaurs? This is the best place to go to look at sky-scraping skeletons to the begging bacteria of life, it is worth the discovery.

● Writing On Stone
This provincial park is full of ancient history markings from First Nations over 5 000 years ago. Plus a 2.2 km hike on hoodoos (Sandstone rocks) and wildlife sightings!

● West Edmonton Mall
One of the largest malls in the world has everything you need to have fun. One huge amusement park and water park, hotels, mini-golf, and over 800 stores to shop from. A must go to!

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Classic Foods To Try

Here are some of my top picks if you are ever visiting to try these fabulous foods.

● Alberta Beef
Unfortunately, if you are vegan or vegetarian this delicious meal isn’t for you but besides that, it is worth trying asap!

● Puffed Wheat Squares
Puffed wheat squares are a popular confection in Alberta, whether at potlucks or bakeries and cafes. Puffed wheat cereal is combined with corn syrup, brown sugar, vanilla, and cocoa powder to make a sweet chewy morsel.

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● Poutine
Obviously, if you are in Canada you have to have poutine! Classic crispy french fries with cheese curds and gravy..no questions asked

● Tim Hortons Donuts
Classic Canadian restaurant with hot coffee and tim bits..yum

Famous Celebrities

● Micheal J. Fox
● Nickelback
● Paul Gros
● Kurt Browning
● Nathan Fillion
● Nellie McClung

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Provincial Animal & Flower

Provincial Flower: Wildrose

Provincial Animal: Big Horned Sheep

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Fun Facts!

-The phrase “Trick or Treat” first began in Alberta
-Wolverine is originally from Alberta
-Vulcan Alberta is totally embraced Startrek with many museums and decor around the town
-St Paul Alberta has a UFO landing
-In the 1940s Britain had a plan to create an aircraft carrier made out of ice and actually created a prototype in Alberta, Canada.
-The largest beaver dam known to exist is in Wood Buffalo National Park

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Thank you so much for reading about my hometown and province! Hopefully, you will come to check us out soon and spend time in both rural and urban settings.

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Thanks for reading!
~Lexi B