Hey! I'm Marcy and I decided to do a 'serie' about Zodiac signs. And this time, the nails.

We all like to have nails painted and decorated, but we don't always look as cool as we want.

Many times, the color we choose is the problem. It doesn't match with our clothes, with our life, or simply, we don't feel comfortable with it.

Therefore, here are the colors for our nails that combine with our personality, and we will feel more comfortable and will combine perfectly with ourselves.

a r i e s
nails, art, and red image aesthetics, alternative, and crime image
t a u r u s
nails, green, and beauty image Temporarily removed
g e m i n i
nails and yellow image nails, yellow, and nail art image
c a n c e r
nails image nails, mirror, and style image
l e o
Image by xaemina nails image
v i r g o
nails, blue, and glitter image nails, blue, and marble image
l i b r a
Image removed Image by Txynamy
s c o r p i o
alternative, art, and beauty image nails, black, and rings image
s a g i t t a r i u s
Temporarily removed nails, orange, and glitter image
c a p r i c o r n
beauty, nails, and Nude image nails and brown image
a q u a r i u s
Image removed nails, rings, and purple image
p i s c e s
nails, rings, and style image nails, white, and beauty image

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