☼ Red lipstick or Pink lipstick ☽

red, lips, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed red, lips, and mirror image red, aesthetic, and mirror image

☼ Early mornings or Late nights ☽

paris, fashion, and beautiful image stars, night, and sky image
☽ "El mayor pecado del hombre es dormir de noche, cuando el universo está dispuesto a dejarse mirar"

☼ Cafe or Diner ☽

coffee, drink, and food image coffee image

☼ Denim or Leather ☽

fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image classic, fashion, and woman image aesthetic, black, and girl image aesthetic, girl, and grunge image

☼ Roses or Tulips ☽

Image by 🤹‍♀️ Image removed flowers, rose, and pink image flowers, landscape, and pink image
☼ I can't Choose ☽

☼ Gelato or Milkshakes ☽

ice cream, food, and chocolate image Temporarily removed ice cream image dog, animal, and puppy image
☼ Gelato, always

☼ Rain or Sun ☽

flowers, rain, and rainy day image love, rain, and couple image

☼ Summer or Winter ☽

winter, snow, and book image autumn, fall, and tea image outfit and winter image winter, coffee, and cold image

☽ Winter vibes

☼ NYC or LA ☽

city, aesthetic, and building image city, new york, and vintage image city, new york, and travel image city, travel, and new york image
☼ NYC baby

☼ Moon or Stars ☽

moon, space, and stars image aesthetic, moon, and sun image moon, eclipse, and sky image Alexander McQueen image
☼ I am the moon and the moon is me

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