Heyllooo my cutie's
Today I let my feelings control this Blog.

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Have you ever felt so peaceful, that you kinda wanted to cry?

I don't mean it in a negative way, just have you ever appreciated this moment?

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This moment were you felt like you finally found peace in the ocean?
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This moment were you forget all your problems?
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This moment were you finally felt Free,Happy and greatful
If not, then ask yourself ...
  • Were do I find peace?(music,friends,being alone)
  • Do i have a retreat place?(Bedroom,Beach,bathtub)
  • What makes me happy?
  • Am I Happy?

after you've answered these questions try to focus on those things cause Life is like a Scale

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on the left the good on the right the bad, the more you focus on the bad the more depressed you get, but if you focus more on the good things the better you'll feel. This might take some time but believe me everything will be fine, pain is a sign of progress so don't loose HOPE cause you'll get stronger and happier.
SO on which side do you want to focus?
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That's all my lovely hearters I hope you can find this "peaceful moment" and if nobody has told you yet KEEP THAT SMILE IT LOOKS GOOD ON YOU

sry if here are any grammar mistakes it's literally 4:30 A.M and I haven't slept since yesterday skfhjshb
And if you need a lil Inspiration or a SMILE

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