Hi guys, welcome to another article. Recently, the "live action" version of Disney's 'The Lion King' was released, and generated debates between generations. I am here to give my opinion about this movie that was part of my childhood.

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I tried to watch this movie without comparing both versions, but it was impossible because most differences was clearly visible. But not all of them were bad. I think the visual of this movie is amazing 10/10, but some aspects were lost, because they look so real.

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This is not a problem, but I think the fact this is an Disney's movie, is a great oppotunity to play with animals who can sing and dance even though they're animals, and this is exactly what this movie missed. Looks like they got videos of 'Animal Planet' and put voices over it.

I think all the magic of the animation was not in this version and they tried to fix some issues the animation have regarding the animals behavior, physical characteristics and stuff. This is not a problem as I said but I wish they had more freedom to work with their movements.

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I loved the 'Beauty and The Beast' reference in the movie.

The songs were almost the same, just some things were different but nothing alarming. One thing I really liked in this version is the relationship between Scar and the hyenas. Scar isn't like the boss and the hyenas are dumb and follow him, they have a kind of partnership so they can take over the kingdom and the change in the song 'Be Prepared' shows this.

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I liked this movie, even though I said a lot of things here, this does not affect me. I would watch again, but not in Portuguese. You know in Brazil, movies are mostly dubbed and the voices for this movies here they're, sorry but, sh*t. It's really bad. I'm sorry.

Remember, this is my opinion. And this is a movie, is enterteinment, don't go harsh on the movie just because you don't like or because it's different from the animation.

Thank you for reading