My style

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I wear a lot of colours, and my style is basically what I would be like if I were to be turned into a closet. I wear a lot of t-shirts tucked into jeans or skirts and blouses. And a lot of unique jewellery too.

A colour

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im not entirely sure, but I would've guessed a light yellow. But asked on of my best friends (@millie_quanie) said that she saw me as a red or purple. Because I apparently remind her of royalty and power (???? I am like there opposite of that) but red is bold and I try to never be shy and purple is comforting and I try to be the person that you can turn to if you need someone.

An animal

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probably a small dog. I'm always really chirpy and energised, and I love cheering people up. I'm also very loud when I get over excited.


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I don't know if counts, but I think I would probably be bubblegum. I'm not entirely sure why, but I just feel like I would be. Maybe because its something that lots of people share and I love talking to others. But if it was a real food, a pretzel (the proper ones) or a milkshake.


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art, definitely art. mainly painting as I love to paint, its really calming. probably activism as I'm a big believer that everyone deserves equal rights and that everyone has a good person inside of them trying to get out. And defiantly spending to much time on the internet.


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I'm a Christian, so that has an impact on my life. Expect I'm defiantly what you probably assume I'm like when I say Christian. I'm also a lesbian, so I balance those too things together, which can be hard but I have my whole life to figure it out. I'm a very proud older sister of my two younger siblings, so I look after them.. I have anxiety and other mental things that make big impacts on my life. And my laptop has like everything from my life it.


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My friends are everything to me, and I'm glad that I'm in their lives. I have low motivation for things I don't want to do, and its my goal to be a person who helps people and listens to anyone if they need it.

Dreams and Goals

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I want to leave a impact on the people around me. but to be more specific, I really want to show people that its ok to be who you are and that you are loved no matter what.


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these are a few ones that I really enjoyed: Alice in wonderland, love Rosie, Ferris Buller's day off, it (2017), but im a cheerleader, almost adults

Tv shows

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Andi Mack, Girl meets World, The office, stranger things, the inbetweeners


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I listen to a lot of different types of music, but my favourite singers are Sabrina Carpenter and Dodie Clarke. And I really like Ariana Grande's music.


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ohh I have few. "come as you are", "it's your choice who you tell and when", and "the only straight I am is straight up bitch" are some of my favourites. But my favourite is "Be gay, do crime"