Welcome to my very first article!

If you somehow stumbled upon this article...hii my name is Lea and I always loved to be creative and write but publishing something for the first time is really exciting to me!! :D
Just giving you a small glimpse into who I am for now:


eyes, eye, and brown image Temporarily removed ear and pearl image day, dog, and pet image
brown eyes, messy brown hair, pearl earrings everyday, always a smiley :D


book, girl, and library image girl, book, and vintage image doctor, medicine, and medical image Temporarily removed
my biggest dream: to practice medicine, love writing and spending hours at bookstores, did competitive swimming for over 10 years

Women I look up to

Temporarily removed love, daughter, and family image audrey hepburn image b&w, be strong, and beautiful image
my mom and my grandmas are my biggest inspirations with the most giving hearts, Audrey Hepburn and Ariana Grande


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, beige, and champagne image
blush pink, lavender, dark red, champagne


black & white, cat, and girl image cat, girl, and cindy kimberly image dolphin, ocean, and sea image art, black, and black and white image
I am such a cat lady and always had a fascination for dolphins (my spirit animal)

Thanks for reading!
Love, Lea