So I didn't exactly know what to title this since none of these artists are really 'underground' but just aren't typical, mainstream artists. Either way, they all have really good music and I genuinely love them and listen to them all the time.

NOTE: Basically all of these artists all have very explicit songs, listen at your own risk.

noel miller, codel, and cody ko image tmg, cody ko, and noel miller image
1) Tiny Meat Gang
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
2) Ashnikko
clutch, hair, and makeup image awkwafina, crazy rich asians, and peik lin image
3) Awkwafina
aesthetic, gorgeous, and indie image jacket, brooke candy, and blazer image
4) Brooke Candy
junglepussy image jamaican, rapper, and junglepussy image
5) Junglepussy