(I'm 19 in August so I'll be 30 in 11 years)

My career

→ A travel related job I hope, so a tourism job I guess

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My relationships / family

→ In a relationship but I honestly don't mind if I'm married or not at 30

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→ Maybe pregnant or I'll have a baby already

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→ I'll still be friends with my current ones and hopefully I'll have made great new ones

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→ I'll have a dog or a cat (or both if my situation allows me to!)

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My lifestyle

→ I'll spend quality time with my friends and my partner

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→ I'll spend quality time with my parents / cousins, family in general

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→ I'll continue to practice photography, maybe I'll have a website about these travels

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→ I'll be healthy (mind&body)
I'll eat healthy and will keep having physical activities

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My home

→ I guess an apartment first, by myself or in couple and then with kids and everything, a house

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→ I'll live in or close to a city

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→ I'll have my tattoos
I do want small tattoos before the age of 30, I just want to be sure of what and where

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→ Languages
I wanna speak as many languages as I can, I'm a native French speaker, I can speak English (not perfectly but I can have a conversation), I'm currently learning Spanish and after that I'd like to try Japanese. Hopefully this will go well and I won't stop there

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At 30 years old I'd hope to be..

→ Happy, healthy, strong, confident, successful and determine

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I hope I'll have done things from this article in my 20s already but I thought it would be great to write about being 30, Well I hope you liked this article :) , it was really fun to do, there's a lot of articles on this theme that inspired me so if you feel the same way don't hesitate to do yours too. :) Thank you so much for reading, you can find my other articles here ↓