I've seen a lot of "if blank was a girl" articles and I got inspired to do the colours of the rainbow. The first one I saw and my favourite was @stella_noctis 's if planets were girls series. Please check her out, she writes great articles and her collection are really good too.

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I'll be doing all the colours of the rainbow as well as brown, black, and white.

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love, passion, violence, danger, wrath, fire, blood, seduction
red, makeup, and aesthetic image aesthetic, black, and dark image Temporarily removed sunset, beach, and clouds image Temporarily removed cherry, lips, and aesthetic image background, satin, and silk image red, camila cabello, and theme image red image red, aesthetic, and bra image girl, legs, and socks image red, aesthetic, and lollipop image Temporarily removed Abusive image Abusive image red, lips, and aesthetic image

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