stop obsessing over people who don’t put any effort into your relationship (platonic, non platonic, whatever)

• if the “love of your life” is happy with somebody else, be happy that they’re happy and move on

• stop comparing yourself to people who are so bland, you are astronomical

• don’t say shit about other people that you 1) wouldn’t say in front of a large audience and 2) wouldn’t want said about you

• “friends” that tell you you’re annoying or weird, don’t talk to you about your general interests, and leave you out of shit are not your friends

• if you can only gossip with somebody, they are also not your friend. also, why you out here gossiping? get a hobby. gossip is only best in small portions. if you just blabbing ‘bout Stacy and her 10 boyfriends all the time, that just makes you dull

• don’t get hung up on bad grades, bad people, and bad shit. you have approx. 80 years on this planet to do something great before it’s all over. don’t waste your time being down. go pet a dog, hug your friends, have some hot chocolate, and scream your favourite songs