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I’m going to France next week and of course I want to take pictures there. Or a shoot with my mom… But therefor I need some inspiration and I will put it in this article for me to share with you guys. Thought it might be a great idea!


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I thought of this one because it accentuates your outfit. It’s very fashionable and you don’t have to worry that your face is bad in the picture. You can snap this pic very fast. Quick pic…


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It’s Summer, people may see that you’re having fun and show them your confident! This are the best pictures. Although make them a little more creative. Look up some poses or get inspiration.


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This looks kinda like the previous one, but I swear it isn’t. You don’t have to wear a bikini specifically but wear clothes instead! Or just get in the water!


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Go to those and make cute pics! Make sure your outfit is very summery!


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Here as well, go to a city you want or your city and snap some adorable pictures. Be well dressed, ladies!

If you have other ideas, just do them!
Xoxo Caroline

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