But I got you this rose and I need to know
Will you let it die or let it grow?
Die or let it go

I know I can treat you better than he can
And any girl like you deserves a gentleman
Tell me why are we wasting time
On all your wasted crying
When you should be with me instead
I know I can treat you better
Better than he can
(Treat you better)

In my dreams you're with me
We'll be everything I want us to be
And from there—who knows?
Maybe this will be the night that we kiss for the first time
Or is that just me and my imagination?

Sometimes I feel like giving up
But I just can't
It isn't in my blood
(In my blood)

I need to know
If this is mutual
Before I go
And get way too involved
I want you bad
Can you reciprocate?
No, I don't want to have to leave
But half of you's not enough for me

I thought that I'd been hurt before
But no one's ever left me quite this sore
Your words cut deeper than a knife
Now I need someone to breathe me back to life

It's time for me to finally meet somebody new
Take her to all the places that I took us too
And she might help me forget
But loving her is something I could never do
Because I had, because I had you
(Because I had you)

First you say you love me then you say you don't
I wake up in the morning and I'm all alone
Tell me that you're willing then you say you won't
Can you make your mind up, please, I'm losing my patience
You know I'm losing my patience, yeah

Sometimes it all gets a little too much
But you gotta realize that soon the fog will clear up
And you don't have to be afraid, because we're all the same
And we know that sometimes it all gets a little too much
(A little too much)

'Cause I don't even know your name
All I remember is that smile on your face
And it'll kill me everyday
'Cause I don't even know your name
(I don’t even know your name)

Truth is that no one can replace me
I'm permanent, you can't erase me
I'll have you remember me
One more kiss is all it takes

‘Cause we don't have the time to be sorry
(Life of the party)