Hello everyone!!! A few days ago I thought about doing this, but I always said I will do it tomorrow the days went by and I never did it ... well I said to myself "it's time or never, less words and more action" ... and here it is. I liked this challenge a lot and I hope you also try it because I know you will like it as much as I do ... without more to say let's start
@rosesmrt (follow her, there you will find the challenge I am doing)

Day 01:


art, flowers, and painting image
Osiri Allen

Date of Birth:

analog, birthday, and cake image Image by Mika
02th of september, Virgo, 17 years old.

Place Of Birth

seoul, south korea, and namsan tower image Image by Andrea (•–•)
He was born in Seoul, Korea ... but he is American, New York City

Height, Weight:

Temporarily removed
168cm, 64kg


Image by Lisa Kpop
Seoul Foreign School