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This case was one of the biggest cases from Portugal and it was actually a disappearance case.
In 4th of March in 1998, the 11-year-old Rui Pedro disappeared from Lousada, Portugal. He grabbed his bike around 2 PM and then he went to his mother (she was working) to ask for permission to go out with his friend. His friend was a 21-year-old man who worked as a trucker. His name was Afonso Dias. Rui's family knew about this man and they were welcoming which was a little bit strange as he was 21. Afonso was described as a very childish and immature man who was not acting his age.
However, his mom said no and she asked her son to play in the field around her workplace. A few hours later, around 5 or 6 PM, his parents received a call from his tutor saying that Rui missed his tutoring session, thing that Rui never did before. So, his parents knew something was not right. They called the police and began to search for their son, finding his bike in that abandoned field at the back of his mom's office.
The first person interrogated was Afonso, as Rui asked his mom to meet him. Afonso told the police that he didn't meet Rui but the police found him a little bit sketchy and shady because he was so calm even though some of Rui's friends told the police that they actually saw Afonso talking to Rui in his black Fiat car. (the car was Afonso's brother's car). Also, the spot Afonso was seen talking to Rui was the exact same spot that Rui's bike was found.
Rui's cousin, Andre, confronted Afonso and he was talking about some conversation Afonso had with Rui and him where Afonso was trying to take them to go and see some prostitutes. This conversation happened the day Rui disappeared or the day before it.
Unfortunately, the police did not follow any leads and they were not implied enough in this case. They didn't take it seriously.
After some time, police found out about a site with child pornography and when they investigated it, they saw some photos with Rui. British police were worried that he had been abused or even killed, possibly. However, the Portuguese police didn't care, again.

In 2006 (after 8 years), police formed a new team of investigators to start looking into this case, and in 26th of February, 2011 Afonso Dias was charged with aggravated kidnapping. What happened is that although Rui's mother said no, he still went to hang out with Afonso. Apparently, he waited in the abandoned lot for Afonso to come. When he arrived, Rui left his bike there and got in the man's car. Afonso took Rui to a prostitute. He told the prostitute that Rui is 14 years old and he offered her some money to have sex with Rui. The woman took Rui out of Afonso's sight and tried to talk to him and comfort him, asking where his mother was. After that, she took Rui back to Afonso without doing anything to the little kid. When police showed her some photos of Afonso and Rui, she positively confirmed that they were for sure. Also, a bunch of Rui's friends testified that the 21 years old man was obsessed with this little boy. They testified this back in 1998, but the police didn't take it seriously. Police sentenced Afonso to 3 years and six months in jail for abduction. He served only 2 years and was released on 29th of March, 2015. Rui's body was not found.

In my opinion, everyone made mistakes.
Rui's parents should've been more careful. If I were a parent, I wouldn't let my 11-year-old kid play with a 21-year-old man.
It was Rui's fault too, that he didn't listen to his mom when she said no to him.
Also, the police were so unprofessional and careless. All the investigators from 1998 should've been fired.
In the end, Afonso was clearly an obsessive person who obviously had problems. I can't believe he spent only 2 years in jail for doing what he did to Rui. Poor little kid.

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