a playlist full of songs for you to get ready or just to feel like a badass

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american boy - estelle
womanizer - britney spears
itty bitty b*tches - asian doll
birthday cake - rihanna
work it - missy elliot

Image by K Y L I E pink, glitter, and aesthetic image art, colorful, and design image doll and bratz image

disco tits - tove lo
cool girl - tove lo
blue jeans - rac remix - lana del rey
belong to you - sabrina claudio
big momma thang - lil kim

gif, model, and fashion image fashion, model, and Naomi Campbell image jean pierrot image archive image

look - leikeli47
das me - brooke candy
often - the weeknd
duck duck goose - cupcakke
kream - iggy azalea ft tyga

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed fashion and silver image Image by ¿?

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