a few days ago, I went to a Lana Del Rey concert at the Palรฉo Festival in Nyon, Switzerland. It was really amazing and I thought I share it with u โฅ

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(and I'm sorry if it has mistakes, english isn't my native language but I've tried my best)

her look
she looked beautiful as always. she was wearing a white dress with pink flowers, a beautiful necklace and on each side a bracelet. her eye shadow was glittering and the eyeliner had this iconic long wing.

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on each side of the stage was a swing, decorated with flowers. in the middle stood a piano and there were some palms and other plants all over the stage.

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the show
the show began at 0:00. it started with a snippet of West Coast and then Born To Die began to play. her two background singers came on stage and shortly after, Lana stood there. at first, I couldn't see her because there were so many people. but as soon as I saw her, I had to cry a bit because I couldn't believe that she's actually standing there.

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she sang "let me f*ck u hard in the pouring rain" instead of "let me kiss u hard" :))

the next song was Cherry and after that, she sang White Mustang. while she sang that song, she was sitting on the piano.
for the next song, Pretty When You Cry, she and the background singers were lying on the floor. she changed some of the lyrics but I couldn't exactly hear what she said because everyone was screaming.

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after the next song (Blue Jeans), she went down to the fans and took photos, signed stuff and the fans gave her gifts

before she started singing Mariners Apartment Complex, she confirmed (again) that her new album, Norman Fucking Rockwell, will come out next month.
next came a medley of Change, Black Beauty and Young and Beautiful and she said that they are three of her favorite songs.

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while she sang Ride, her background singers sat on the two swings on the side.
as soon as she finished Ride, she asked: "will you sing Video Games with me?"

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her iconic swing โ™ฅ

the next songs were Doin' Time, National Anthem and Summertime Sadness.
before she began to sing Off To The Races, she said that it is one of her favorite old songs:)

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during the last song (Venice Bitch), she went again to the fans and she was soo sweet. at one point, lots of confettis were thrown into the air. I collected some as a memory of this incredible evening โ™ฅ

I'm so extremely grateful that I could see her and I will never forget this day :))