Hey everyone,

I wanted to do something new today. I love to make up and so said why not start writing about makeup. Usually, my articles are health and lifestyle-related but I guess life begins outside our comfort zones.

The following are 4 of my favorite lipsticks and they all fit my Leo aesthetic. If you like these kinds of articles pls heart so I know to do more of them and I can turn this into a little zodiac series.

1. Makeup Revolution lip euphoria - shade Karma

beauty, fall, and girly image

2.Essence ultra last lipstick - shade 14

beauty, fall, and lips image

3. Essence this is me lipstick - shade 14 free

beauty, fall, and lips image

4. Makeup Revolution pro supreme lipstick- shade incite

beauty, fall, and lips image

hope you enjoyed and follow for more articles from me :)