i've noticed a lot recently that my mood changes when i log in on social media. i'm on a decent mood and then i log in on twitter, for example, and after some minutes i see a post that makes me uncomfortable and my whole mood changes for the worst. i wish it didn't have that much power over me as it does but it is what it is i guess. i don't exactly have many things to do irl so i turn to the internet because, supposedly, that's where i feel comfortable but these days that has changed. back then, i was being bullied and twitter was my way of escaping that and being able to talk about the bands that i liked without being judged but now, it seems like the people that follow me judge me for liking who i like and seriously it makes me anxious and feel like i can't do anything about it... i just wish that i didn't care so much about what others might think about me if i do this and that and say this and that and so on. i feel like i am not the only one that feels like that. i feel like recently, the internet has become more toxic and people have too many rules that we all supposedly have to follow. i don't like feeling controlled like that. i'm not supposed to satisfy anyone but myself but, on twitter or any other social media we need attention from others to feel important and it shouldn't be like that. we are more than social media and what other people say in there shouldn't be that important but sometimes, when it gets too personal, you just can't ignore it and pretend you didn't see what said person said about something or someone you love. i think when things in there get too much to you, you have to step back and take a break. just think about what makes you happy and what is important to you because that's what matters. don't keep doing something you don't like just to satisfy others. be yourself and surrounded by people that accept you and make you feel good. it's hard for me not to put others before me but i think... i'm getting better at it. and you should try it too... because you deserve it