hello, this is my first article written in weheartit and it was kinda out of the blue considering i was inspired at 3am. but, nevertheless, here's my dream aesthetic apartment, enjoy :o).


a bit of weird choice to start with, but plants in bathrooms are so pretty! id like to have a white tile wall and a shower caddy with miscellaneous hair products and body wash, plus body butter or lotion, exfoliator, razors, etc. the essentials, y'know.

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basically, plants everywhere.


next up is my bedroom! it would look minimalistic with white bedsheets and a few stuffed animals. since i'd rather have a large window next to my bed for those ~ aesthetic ~ pictures, a few fake (or real) plants on the window sill would look nice. for a desk, muji containers galore to store my bountiful and quite obsessive supply of washi tapes, mildliners, pens, stickers, sticky notes, and other stationery.

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living room

i dont watch much tv or cable at all, but a small little tv, when i do want to catch up on my favorite shows between two shelves, would look cozy. the selves would be stacked with books i like and wished had the time and motivation to read, as well as miscellaneous home decor. again, a large window and a window sill :).

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i have much for my kitchen, just a little retro, New-York-style kitchen with a neutral color palette and a few plants to lighten up the atmosphere. (good for the earth too!)

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nothing special, just rustic and personalized


finally, the balcony! i wouldnt want the flooring to have holes or spaces in them, it would be dangerous because if i get a chair. however, the metal wiring will have little swirls, nothing too fancy per say, just simple. other than that, i would have little succulents in the corner and a large watering can to water my plants with :o).

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disclaimer !!

if i have used any of the pictures you wished to be credited for, please message me asap and i will accommodate accordingly! thank you for reading.