Everything was monotonous in the big city, when you get up until the moment you go home and sleep. A routine that already made me tired, tormented me.

Not everything is about drama and suffering, have you ever heard that after the storm comes the rainbow? Yes, it's something cliche. But exactly where I fled, always, always, there is a storm and in the end the rainbow comes out. It was time to stay and be a Rainbow? Perhaps.

The truth is that there was something magical in that place that called me, that made me feel free to think, to have fun, to let off steam; there were times that I felt like the storm and in others I felt like the rainbow. It was a bit of both, and that my love, made me feel different from the above.

It was a small place to breathe big.

I let go, screamed, and was reborn again.

I was a storm.
I was a rainbow.
And now…?
I am only sun.

shining and shining.

-written by Kris F.T