Love right? It sucks sometimes. Especially when you have to let it go.

Sometimes you wonder about all the what ifs and how some things could have not happened if you did something differently. Sometimes you wish how things should’ve turned out the way you wanted them exactly. Sometimes you hope that some people didn’t leave and that you wouldn’t need to let go of the ones you treasure the most. But life is a journey we all need to explore and sometimes we have to take different paths in order to reach our destination, and know that some paths are not meant to be bridged together. You have to let the people you love take whatever path they have to take no matter how twisted and complicated that route may be as long as you know that it will help them grow. So it will then come to a point that you will need to accept how things will be, even if it is far from how you wanted things to transpire.

You will have to accept that some people are not meant to stay with you on your journey; and that no matter how they’ve become an important part of your life, you would need to let them go and you will accept your future not having them beside you. You would start to acknowledge the idea that there’s no more coming back to how things used to be, there’s no more bargains you could ever wage to have things your way, there’s no turning back to the future without them. You will realize that not all people are given second chances. You only get to look at them from afar, silently cheering on them while they reach the goals you both talked about together, you would accept that they would reach these goals without you. You have to know that you cannot rewind history to make things better and that there’s nothing you could ever do to rewind the last few minutes you’ve enjoyed together for the last time. You will accept that there will be nights you’ll be curled up in bed and you’ll miss them, or mornings you’ll wish they were there to share your coffee with, afternoons you’ll be busy at work or at school yet they will pop up into your thoughts reminding you of the good times you spent together, and even on midnights where you’ll wish you’d be having deep conversations with them; Yes you will miss everything so much, but you will realize that missing something doesn’t mean you want it back. You will eventually notice that you have made it so far. You will then see how one door was closed shut in front of you yet a lot of others have opened up;

And it will actually become better when you start to grasp that there’s so much more out there. You’ve been missing out on a lot ever since you got stuck up on the presence of the people you thought you needed, but now you will do better than ever. You will understand that sometimes endings are beautiful too. Some relationships you had before was meant to end because you are making room for a better one. You will be shocked how you didn’t just learn to let go, but you learned to appreciate tragic endings too and you can see how they are not so tragic at all. You’ll see changes and beginnings in a way you never saw them. You just have to believe that life goes on and your world doesn’t stop revolving for anyone.

So this is me, and I can say that I’ve learned to completely let you go and forgive you for the tragic mess we both made but only I who fixed it. You made feel different back then, you really did, in a good way. But I discovered that different is nothing compared to special. I’m finally feeling special now. And I am grateful for you, letting me go.