Welcome to my new article in which I share with you a list of my favorite youtubers! I hope you will like it and you find some new YouTube channels to watch!
So, let's start!
  • Wengie
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Her videos are very colorful and pretty. I love especially her life hacks and pranks videos, they are sometimes soo funny! Wengie is also a singer. Go and check out her channel!
  • Natalies Outlet
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I found her channel by accident and... I spent half of night watching her videos cause they are so amazing that I couldn't stop watching them! She also has a lot of life hacks videos which I really love!
  • Allie Brooke
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She is a teen mom to her daughter Cartia and she shares their life on YouTube. Her videos are really interesting and inspiring!
  • Yasmyn Switzer
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She is a teen mom too and she is also Allie's friend :) She shares mainly vlogs of her life with her little daughter Laela.
  • Elise Ecklund
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I found her channel when I was looking for ukulele tutorials. She sings and plays ukulele very well! Her videos are SOO funny and I love them!
  • Ruby Granger
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She is a bookworm and she loves to study. Her videos are a big motivation and inspiration for me. If you need some motivation to study or reading, go watch her channel!
That's it for this article! I hope you enjoyed it! This youtubers are really amazing so check out their channels, you won't regret it! ♡
See you in my next article!
Magda ♡

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