what can i say? i love john deacon, roger taylor, brian may, and freddie mercury very much.

the members-

john deacon

80s, band, and bassist image yellow, sunshine, and quotes image Temporarily removed yellow, cigarette, and aesthetic image yellow, guitar, and aesthetic image motivation, positivity, and quote image

roger taylor

Queen, roger taylor, and music image quotes, red, and aesthetic image black and white, blurred, and drums image Temporarily removed red, quotes, and aesthetic image smoke, friends, and grunge image

brian may

80s, band, and famous image beautiful, flowers, and quotes image Image by ☁ aesthetic, board, and school image Image removed Image by || GHADIR ||

freddie mercury

70s, band, and beautiful image Image by gaia quotes, pink, and different image Temporarily removed aesthetic, brick, and city image Image by Zainaa

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