lips, gloss, and makeup image Image removed beautiful, bun, and clip image Image by Alexia
Big lips, black medium hair, curvy but still in love with my body.


quotes, sarcasm, and sarcastic image Mature image Temporarily removed adventure, book, and books image
Sarcastic af but kind and friendly. Organized, clever and boss

What I'm famous for

study, macbook, and apple image entertainment, shooting, and multimedia image shoes, aesthetic, and butterfly image fashion, girl, and style image
Business, YouTube, modeling



Temporarily removed boho, casual, and comfortable image fashion, style, and girl image fashion, outfit, and style image


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I don't wear jewelry, but I love and have piercing in my ear.

street style

accessories, bracelets, and denim image fashion, coffee, and gucci image fashion, outfit, and yellow image fashion, style, and outfit image

red carpet

jasmine tookes, cannes, and fashion image model, romee strijd, and red carpet image beauty, black dress, and cannes image dress, fashion, and style image

interviews/talk shows

fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image zendaya and outfit image

in the house/creating/working

fashion, outfit, and style image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed
something like vintage, boho and boss style


zayn, zayn malik, and one direction image Image by cecilia ❤ zendaya image boys, brothers, and m&m image
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gooosh I would love to have them all like a friends, Old Magcon in my heart 4ever


bedroom, home, and interior image home, house, and room image bathroom, home, and house image
idk where would it be. Maybe in Czech republic, USA, England or Norway


beauty, boy, and filter image couple, love, and goals image amazing, athletic, and body image basket, boy, and cool image
he's gotta be high, sporty with big strong shoulders and kind, funny, lovely, sweet.