We where two strangers.
I tried to come closer,
He let me do this, he said we can be friends and we can trust each other...
We started to see each other, spending time together, we were like a couple, maybe a relationship, but I was the only one who felt that.
He made me believe that he really liked me, they way he kissed me, how he was holding my hand when he was driving, those hugs that made me feel safe and loved, everything was so perfect to be true.
Suddenly, all these moments have disappeared and let me with a thousand questions. Again I was the one who tried to come closer but this time ...

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I tried to understand what was going on, I tried and I am still trying to move on, and not to think about what it was but it is hard. I miss all this things ...
He said we can remain friends, but we are not, we don't talk anymore, we do not see each other anymore, we are, again, two strangers.

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Now, I see his type of car everywhere I go, I hear and see his favorite singer ( is a she and her name starts with A ) on the radion, Tv, internet.
I still remember our nights on the road, the moments when I we saw two owls, for me, this time was the first time when I saw real owls and is still, one of my favorite moment that happened and many more other beautiful details.

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I am afraid to tell him anything, because I don't what is he doing now and ...

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