When I was little my Grandma and Grandpa lived in a big old house in the countryside. It was in the middle of an field where is a river near by.
Next to the house is two old barns where used to be animals but not anymore. I loved visiting there there specially in the summers. Birds were singing and it was quietfull. In the porch were a little vase in front of the window and usually there was a little flower in. I liked to sit there and listen to birds singing and maybe draw something. The house smells old and it's always cold, you always have to wear wolleysocks in there.

In the summers me and my Grandma picked up flowers and dry them. Then we glued them in to a book and wrote something under them.

I loved visiting there. They don't live there anymore, but my cousin do and I get to visit there.

Everytime I was visiting, it felt like the time didn't exist. The birds were singing, sun was shining and everything was fine. No pain, no worries, just me and my Grandma picking up flowers.