Good morning everyone! YES. We are back to the morning posts because well I am back at work and bored lol but today's challenge will be fun and I hope you think so too~ and yes the misc. picture will be a food/drink item I associate with them, but to keep it simple, i'm going to narrow it down to pastries.

DAY 08 》 Food/Drink

art, celebrities, and celebrity image Temporarily removed Image removed selena gomez, cupcake, and selena image
girls, eating, and pizza image Image removed chocolate, dessert, and cake image lana del rey, lizzy grant, and aesthetic image
ariana grande, ariana, and icon image ariana grande, ariana, and grande image ariana grande, ariana, and focus image strawberry, chocolate, and food image
food, sweet, and aesthetic image zendaya image food, Queen, and smile image zendaya and italy image

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