so i already started school on July 19th (i live in arizona and i guess starting school early in the FUCKING H E A T is normal??) but imma do this anyways

this was inspired by these articles

what grade are you going into?

i just started 11th grade and i heard that it's the hardest year of high school (yay me)

what are you excited/nervous for this year?

well i guess i'm excited for my art classes lmao
i'm nervous for all the work load and for all the bitch ass hoes i'll have to see everyday

what year did you start wearing makeup?

freshman year cause i was tired of looking like a disgusting r a t. the only thing is that i now can't leave my house without eyeliner on cause the whole routine made me really insecure lmao

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what cliques are there in your school?

my school isnt that cliquey but here are a few: the hardcore christians, theater kids (they are considered the popular kids at my school lmaooo), loud ass geeks/nerds, meme/edgy kids, artsy kids, and jocks

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c r i n g e

what clique are you in?

my group of friends is best described as the love child of artsy and meme/edgy kids

what classes are you taking?

i'm taking healthcare, art portfolio 3, anatomy honors, u.s history, algebra 2, english 3, and online spanish

what is your favorite subject?

art, hands down. first off, all of my good friends are in my period and the whole class is hella chill

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what subject do you hate the most?

either english or u.s history

english is WAYYY too repetitive since we've learned the exact same shit for years now. i love history but i couldn't give a rats ASS about u.s history. i'm not even american so i really don't care lmao

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what is your typical school outfit?

i usually wear a tank top, short shorts, tennis shoes, and a shit ton of jewelry. i'm hella glad that my school isn't that strict on dress code

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who are your best friends are school?

i got like 2 best friends, and they are great since we get to do stupid ass shit together. i used to have way more but drama happens lmao

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what are four essentials in your bag?

my computer, my waterbottle/lunch, makeup, and my phone

have you ever ditched class?

i used to in middle school since the school i went to really didn't give a shit about their students. my current school has a lot of security walking around and there are strictish rules about ditching

have you ever had detention?

nah. if i did, my ass would be w h o o p e d

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what is the craziest thing that happened at your school?

at my current school, things are hella chill so. i think the craziest thing was last year when there was a school shooting threat warning on snapchat (just american tingz)

at my old middle school, so much fucked up shit happened lmaooo. there was a whole ass bomb threat, some girl got suspended for being passed out drunk in the bathroom with a shit ton of drugs on her, etc.
i like to say that our middle school was the black sheep of our school district

homework done the night before or the morning of?

i used to have a huge problem with procrastination but i'm really tryna fix that

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do you do any extracurricular activities?

i mean, i'm in this art cub that my school has but that's really it lmaoo

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what was the worst high school class you've ever taken?

DUDEEE. last year, i had this sports medicine class. i was pretty much alone in that class. i had to volunteer 8 hours a MONTH at our sports practices/games, and i don't even like sports. plus, the teacher was really immature/young and would constantly talk shit about female athletes to us. i remember when she called the soccer players fat and unfit and shit, even though they weren't???

what do you like most about your school?

our school is pretty much electronic. we don't have textbooks, lockers or anything. we really only need our computers

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lmaoo these pictures just scream 2014 tumblr

what do you hate most about your school?

well first off, my school is really cheap and its an outside school. idk if that makes sense but there aren't any huge buildings and the classes and the "hallways" are outside. secondly, my school really only gives a shit about our sports team and the drama department

what is your best advice for surviving high school?

take risks! do shit around school, volunteer, or something. when you are older, you'll regret not doing anything cool and exciting in high school since you were too much of a pussy to do anything. go to that party, befriend people, etc. (but still be responsible lmaoo)

also, the people you enter high school with are mostly temporary. you'll find who your real friends are, and who aren't

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