the rose you thought needed to hold so tightly,

before you realized you wanted to let go

rose, red, and neon image zendaya, red, and suit image aesthetic, angel, and dark image red, aesthetic, and alternative image dark and quotes image aesthetic, romance, and indie image
and you left her thorned in beauty

you only knew a kind heart when you met her

knowing the world does not deserve her

aesthetic, field, and girl image cat, animal, and aesthetic image sky, yellow, and clouds image stars, eyes, and glitter image flowers, car, and vintage image bottle, indie, and grunge image
but the world needs her

magic in the making

she could move mountains, cease waterfalls

meme, suffer, and aesthetic image art, vintage, and cute image water, couple, and boy image friends, rainbow, and waterfall image flowers, blue, and hand image Temporarily removed
but she could not stop herself from drowning

she's a tropical summer adventure

perhaps too loud and over the edge,

theme, aesthetic, and psd image food, juice, and tasty image Temporarily removed green, orange, and orange and green image Temporarily removed grunge, sad, and aesthetic image
dig deeper and you'll find your treasure trove

the night you thought could never end

destination anywhere, decision reckless,

grunge, tumblr, and friends image aesthetic, vintage, and retro image car, grunge, and purple image aesthetic, alternative, and deep image aesthetic, alone, and fun image girl, purple, and grunge image
she loses parts of herself while learning who she is

she's stable but unsettled

push her over the edge of the world

girl, quotes, and jeans image view, travel, and italy image butterfly, hand, and pale image beauty, blue, and fade image aesthetic, blue, and car image aesthetic, blue, and boho image
and she'll fall freely into her liberty sea